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Tailgater Ultra Q™ XXL

The TG Ultra Q XXL™ is built with a strong inflexible steel frame, robust reinforced side shelves, and an industrial but classy design that handles all weather conditions, ensuring your grill maintains functionality for years to come. The Ultra-Q-XXL has been designed to be placed in the back of most standard pick-up trucks. The XXL has your choice of 20000 BTU double burner grill or optional Charcoal grill, 251.75 inches of cooking surface on either Grill with electric igniter on the gas grill. A 40 Liter, heavy duty, insulated sliding “Pull Out” Ice Chest Cooler with separation insert divider and drain hose. On the bottom we added folding stainless steal shelves (worktables) with the four (4) heavy duty stainless steal poles, with a fire-retardant awning that can be snapped on or off during travel. The TG Ultra-Q-XXL has been designed for the outdoor lifestyle, rough and rugged and take it anywhere. When finished on your venture, simply place the grill into your backyard for family enjoyment. Frame has a one (1) year parts warranty and the Grill has a three (3) year manufactures warranty.